Publicado por: Mário Matos | 05/06/2009

Rodrigo Leão & Cinema Ensemble [english version]

One can only wonder why Rodrigo Leão is not a worldwide known «star». One of the comments to this video on Youtube comes from Romania and says, as far as I can understand, something like: «How is it possible that such superb music only has 8000 views [In fact it’s got almost  10 thousand, now…]. The world is full of idiots.»

Well, I cannot answer that, but I can leave the video here for those who visit this humble blog.

My elitist side secretly rejoices for being one of the (relatively) few privileged to know Rodrigo’s music and extraordinary body of work. But my other, more democratic side wishes to share this wonder with all the world. So, here it is.

Enjoy it, because stuff like this doesn´t come up everyday. Least of all on MTV and the likes.

Rodrigo Leão is portuguese; so are all the musicians. The guest singer in this clip is Ana Vieira (also portuguese, though the song’s lyrics are in french). Rodrigo Leão is the one on keyboards, btw. He’s the composer.

One of the things that strikes me in this clip is to see how the musicians seem to be utterly enjoying themselves while playing. And the smiles they throw at each other. A treasure, really.

There’s a new album to be released by Rodrigo within a month or so.

PS – You should watch this in HQ. The sound is superb.



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